A Complete Guide to Wear Necklaces.

The necklace is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry in the women's collection. The everlasting favorite of the D- event or any occasion, the necklace is capable not only of finishing a look, but also of adding to it. In fact necklace have now got into daily wear trend.

It's the most exciting and seductive part of any outfit, often so mesmerizing that you choose the outfit around the necklace. However, with such a wide range of necklace designs available, many women have a meltdown when they try to decide which necklace to choose from.

What kind of necklace would you choose for a special occasion, and what design is a great all-rounder?

1. Princess Necklace

CZ Silver Plated Necklace Set S21892

This regal-looking necklace style comes in light as well as heavy design variants making it the ideal choice for any occasion. This is 17 to 19 inches long and can be easily paired with a kurti, saree or even an indo-western gown to spice up your look. It is suitable for Suitable Neckline: strapless neckline, plunging neck.Princess necklaces are encrusted with shimmering Cubic Zircons and precious stones, all of which come down to a central drop of fanciful designs. This designs are favourite of Brides, they mostly pick it to ravish their reception look.

2. Thread Necklace

Joules By Radhika Bridal Beauty Temple Jewellery Sets L0729

This super stylish necklace features colorful threads that are tied together in knots or leftout in layers. By wearing this necklace, which looks stunning when combined with oxidized silver pendants or beautiful handmade stone design pieces or large beads, you will surely conquer the contemporary look. The thread necklaces range from 14 to 20 inches in length, and are ideal for those days when you feel clueless about styling the look.

3. Choker Necklace

Kundan Necklace By Nepra L0711

Choker necklaces are worn around the neck, and range between 14 and 16 inches in length. This blends well with both formal and casual attires and looks nice with necklines of all types. Whether it's an office party where you've chosen to sport a silk blouse, or maybe a date night when you're planning to wear a cocktail gown, the choker necklace can look flattering both times. Choker styles necklaces are like velvets in clothes, an evergreen styles.

4. Matinee Necklace

Joules By Ruby Pink Multi liner Necklace L0722

Matinee necklaces are great for layering jewelry because they are longer than princess length and shorter than opera length. These necklaces fall somewhere between the collarbone and the center of the bust. Beads string multi-colored necklace. The size of necklace sid usually 20-22inch. Since the necklace is so low, a variety of necklines are appropriate. Consider layering a long opera long necklace with a choker necklace and a V necklace to add some contrast.

5. Beaded Necklace

CZ Beaded Set S23310

When you look at this kind of string beads, they look really simple. But this is definitely one of those simple yet special kind of necklaces you 're supposed to have. They look really good look excellent Kurtis or some designer tops. In fact, you can wear it as a salwar suit and saree necklace. Plain sarees is just going to look wow with this kind of simple pieces. If you want to get the best out of this kind of necklace, try white dresses or light color dresses. For friends coming together for a morning show or a beach party, pair it with a simple white dress.

6. Lariat Necklace

SIa Lariat Necklace Set_L1110

Thinking about what to wear with your low neckline dress? Well, a lariat necklace might seem like a safe and elegant choice. It comes in the form of a modern twist to a traditional long necklace and can easily accentuate your décolletage with its delicate design. Lariat necklaces are also popular with the name Y necklace. Their ends are looped, crossed or knotted in a variety of ways to bring more drama to your overall look. It is suitable for U-neckline, V-neck, plunging neck & are apt choice for formal / office wear or casual wear.

7. Pendant Necklace

Sia Pendant Set

This easy to wear accessory ranks high in terms of its versatility and can serve as a focal point on a chain. Pendants can be customized to make them great gift options. This is best pick for office wear, casual wear or even goes very well with your traditional outfit. However, the color of the chain and the design of the pendant determine its wearability on different occasions.

8. Collar Necklace

Sia Collar Necklace
Collar necklace is better known as crewnecks, collar necklaces are 12 to 13 inches long. The design of the necklaces encircles your neck just around the collar area. Ideal for turtle necks, boat necks, V-necks, or off-the-shoulder outfits, collar necklaces are a great way to make statement.

Create your style statement with Sia Art Jewellery Necklace designs and flaunt your look.

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