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      Since ancient times, women have worn bangles and bracelets to accentuate their natural beauty. The tradition of wearing bangles originated in the Mauryan and Roman empire. In India, bracelets were worn by the ladies of the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab & Haryana. There are so many different options for traditional jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, and pendants but bangles are always the go-to for increasing the charm of any outfit. From gold bracelets to bangles that have chains and other designs in them, the options are endless. If you want traditional beauty at its best, you should definitely have a look at our selection of women bangles.

      The days when bangles only adorned traditional and ethnic wear are long behind us - today, these timeless fashion accessories can be worn with almost any outfit due to their versatility & timeless style. You can mix and match designer bangles for girls and wear them with jeans to create an outfit that’s tastefully modern and traditional. These stunning jewellery pieces add a touch of elegance and richness to your personality.

      Adding colourful bangles to your accessory collection is a must for every fashion-forward woman! Bangles add that much-needed touch of glamour to any ethnic outfit. Even a pair of simple bangles can upgrade your look from boring to beautiful in a snap. Thankfully, when you shop our artificial bangles online, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a lovely collection of bangles for yourself. Explore our expansive collection of designer bangles in alluring designs and patterns, online, and keep up with the latest bangles designs

      Shop the Latest Bangle Designs on SIA Jewellery

      Bangles for women have been a part and parcel of Indian culture since ancient times. It’s a little known fact that both men and women wore bangles in ancient times, though of course the designs and materials vary. Back in those days, bangles were considered to be a symbol of fertility  & held a special significance for married women. While a layman may think that bangles are quite similar to western bracelets, it is quite far from the truth. The designs for bangles are quite different, the structure is rigid unlike the chain-like bracelets and most importantly, bangles can be stacked together for a brilliant effect.

      At Sia Jewellery, we offer the latest bangles designs in the form of artificial jewellery. To make sure that your traditional style is always on top, there’s a variety of different designs of bangles to choose from. Our amazing designs would perfectly compliment the best sarees and kurtas at your next sangeet or wedding celebration. 

      Gold Plated Bangles

      Gold and its symbolic shade is the very definition of opulence. After all what is rich, elegant and premium but gold? However, in today’s times, women all over the world are making the switch from traditional gold jewellery to artificial jewellery. Not only is it easier on the pocket, but is also easier to care for. And what’s more? Our selection of gold plated bridal bangles has far more variety in designs than any other store!

      Silver Plated Bangles

      Wouldn’t it just be fantastic if we all had unlimited funds with which to buy jewellery? However, in reality, it is nothing more than an impossible dream. Our budgets are not merely a number – it also represents the value and number of uses you can get out of a piece of jewellery from your collection. At Sia Jewellery, we have made sure that you will find jewellery items from different price ranges. Thedesigner banglesyou select to buy will fit your outfit as well as your budget. Our international collection of artificial ladies bangles is designed to be inclusive so that no one leaves our online shopping portal empty-handed.

      Chain Bangles

      Forego the bulkier and rigid bangles for these sleek and lightweight beauties! Crafted from durable metals like brass and then encrusted with semi-precious jewels like Cubic Zirconia, these make the perfect accessories for weddings, parties, formal meetings, or for occasions when there’s none! Pick from a collection of enticing designer jewellery and add some sparkle to your every moment.


      With the popularity of Kadas being on the rise, we can see some women opting to wear just one big bangle instead of a complete set. This gives off a much more understated vibe and is easy to carry. Throughout history, Kadas were worn by both men and women in India for religious reasons. However, modern Kadas have more elaborate designs and may also have bracelet style closures. A classy Kada can add oomph to an otherwise boring outfit without attracting too much attention. You can find designer Kadas at the best prices, all ready to add some regal charm to your festive outfits. 

      Antique Bangles

      Vintage bridal bangles are all the rage these days. And we can see why! The exotic & rich look created by oxidized metals is simply incredible. This is the reason why oxidized jewellery is trending everywhere. When it comes to ethnic wear, oxidized bangles and other pieces not only complement every outfit but also give a fashionable look without going overboard. Indian jewellery designers have come up with unique, fusion designs in oxidized bangles that are available at reasonable prices in the market. Jewellery designers have now been focusing on different patterns to make use of this metal in their designer bangles.

      So now that you know the styles, what’s there to wait for? Start to buy bangles online only at Sia Jewellery.

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      For those looking to shop for designer bangles, we offer Head-to-Toe fashion jewellery with the latest designs including artificial bangles. Sia Jewellery is the best site to do all your bangles online shopping.