#NewNormal & Buying Jewellery options

#NewNormal & Buying Jewellery options

Virtual meetings… Virtual Birthdays… Virtual Family celebration… Virtual classes & we think & we see things to be now Virtual. Covid has made #NewNormal as #VirtualLiving for all us.

Its a new way to consume products. By offering the convenience of shopping from home and the benefitting by no travel. SIA offers you a contactless shopping experience.

If in-store shopping lets you see and experience products first-hand, and online shopping opens up an avenue of ease and comfort, then Virtual Shopping combines the best of both worlds in an amalgamation perfect for the eCommerce world we live in.

Still if you are shopper who believe in touch and Feel while shopping, then SIA has ‘Try At Home’ Shopping experience for you. Try at Home is a service that you can avail to try our designs in the comfort of your home. It is a free service, with absolutely no obligation to buy. All you have to do is pick your favourite designs, and schedule an appointment as per your convenience.

It’s an enhancement that lets you experience shopping without the hustle and bustle of crowded malls and shops. It offers close-up inspections and bird’s eye views.

Check out the below #NewNormal Jewellery Trend & Experience Virtual Shopping or Try At Home of this pieces with on www.siajewellery.com or at Sia Stores.

Colorful Jewelry

Sia Colour Earrings_Bauble Bazzar

Single/Solo Earrings

Sia Solo design earrings

Light Wear Jewellery

Traingle Shaped Mother of Pearl Blob Earrings S22895

Sustain Jewellery

Sustain Jewellery by Razia Kunj

Silver Jewellery

92.5 Silver Antique Earrings S23323

Animal Jewellery

Long Necklace

92.5 Silver Antique Necklace S23319

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