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      Buy Pendant Sets for Girls and Women Online

      In this day and age, you can spot pendants everywhere - from the silver screen to the supermarket, people from all walks of life are accessorizing their outfits with stylish and dazzling pendants sets with earrings. However, today is also the age of saying no to truly expensive jewellery made from pure gold and picking up a shiny new pendant set for women. Not only will it provide more compliments for less, but it will also help you cut down on your ecological footprint. People all over the world are making a shift towards artificial jewellery as it is cheaper, more accessible, easier to care for and offers more variety in styles.

      At SIA Jewellery, we believe that wearing jewellery is a way of communicating and expressing your personality to the world. Your style, tastes and preferences are all reflected in your choice of jewellery. And to help you express yourself the best, we offer the widest variety of new jewellery designs, right here on our website.

      With a click of a button, you can shop and get delivered to your doorstep, the dream pendant set for girls of your choosing. So what’s there to wait for? Go on ahead and start shopping from the widest range of necklaces sets online at the best price!

      Shop Stylish Artificial Pendant Sets with Earrings

      From festive to sober, our collection offers designer pendant setsfor all occasions - whether you are looking for something eye-catching for the next wedding celebration or something sober for work, we’ve got something to delight you!

      Sometimes, all an outfit needs to go from shabby and barely put together to dashing is a small pendant! But, finding the right one can be a bit of a hassle with the sheer number of options and styles of pendant sets being offered everywhere. Thankfully, we have put together a small cheat sheet style guide for you to pick out something great for your next occasion! 

      Pendants for Anniversaries and Familial Get-togethers:

      Adorned with semi-precious stones and glittering finishes, our selection of Anniversary pendant sets for women is curated with care to match traditional outfits and dresses. Browse an exclusive collection of earrings and pendants to uplift your glamour quotient. Also, have a look at our collection of women’s bangles to pair with your necklace set!

      Pendants for Birthdays & Parties

      For the days when you want to be & deserve to be the star of the show - we’ve picked out a selection of pendants that catches eyes and makes people stop & notice. Shop one and style it at your next event to be the centre of attention and proud receiver of many compliments!

      Pendants for Casual Wear

      Perfect for the days when you want something quick and simple to fix your look from being messy to well put together - our everyday wear pendant sets with earrings are simple and easy to care for. Perfect for withstanding the demands of everyday wear & available at a price you simply cannot refuse! 

      Pendants for Office

      The perfect selection of pendant set designs that are not too flashy, yet not too subtle - just the right amount of dazzle to leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet! Explore the best designs for office wear from SIA Jewellery now!

      Pendants with Pearls

      Pearls are the new future of pendant set designs because pearls are timeless, they are subtle at maintaining their richness, charm, and jaw-dropping appeal for a lifetime! A good pearl necklace set can be worn many times on various occasions such as house parties, weddings, etc.

      Why SIA Jewellery for Designer Pendant Set Online

      Sia Jewellery is one of India’s leading Retailers in Fashion Jewellery and one of the most visible online brands for 25 years. Sia Art Jewellery was started with a mission to change the way Jewellery was purchased by Indians. We have created a boon in the Fashion Jewellery Organized sector with our leading position in online jewellery shopping & is still winning the hearts of customers all over the world.

      In our pursuit of excellence, we have successfully introduced the concept of high quality, flawlessly crafted jewellery at affordable price points from necklace sets to statement earrings to enormous bracelets to narrative pendants. For those looking to shop pendant design for girls, we offer Head-to-Toe fashion jewellery with the latest designs including designer pendant sets.

      Frequently Asked Question

      1). Which pendant sets with earrings are in trend now?

      Butterfly and floral-shaped pendant set designs with earrings are trending among women and girls nowadays. These pendant set designs are gorgeous and delicate when it comes to their detailing. They are fashionable and can be styled with almost any outfit. The best part about them is the matching earrings. They save you the trouble of going out and hunting for earrings that will exactly match the shade, style, and design of your pendant. Find such pendant set designs with earrings online for women and girls from SIA Jewellery.

      2). Which type of pendant is best?

      There is no particular pendant that is considered to be the best since everyone’s personal preference and style are different. However, here are some of the best types of pendant set designs for women and girls that look appealing: - Casual pendants - They are stylish and extremely versatile, hence can be used for everyday wear. - Pearl pendants - They are sophisticated pieces of jewellery that will help you achieve a timeless look. - Heart pendants- These pendants symbolize love and often are gifted by someone special. - Gemstone pendants - They provide a bold and vibrant look and enhance the look of any outfit.

      3). What is a good size for a pendant?

      A good size for a pendant for women and girls is one that will look nice on you. If you have a small neck, go for something small and delicate whereas if you have a large neck, then go for something large. Although, it's usually best to keep the size of your pendant on the smaller side. If you're going for a subtle look, try a necklace that's about an inch wide and 1/2 inch tall. If you want something big and bold, go with a pendant that's at least 2 inches in diameter. However, if you're going to wear a pendant, it's best to find one that fits your body and your personality, not what someone else says is best.

      4). How do I choose a pendant?

      A pendant necklace may make or break your ensemble because it acts as the focal point for whatever you are wearing. Choosing a pendant for women and girls is a lot like choosing a gift for yourself. You want something that's beautiful, compliments your style and personality, is practical, and isn't so over-the-top that it's not appropriate for the occasion. There are some factors that come into play before choosing a pendant necklace as well such as the size of your neck, the shape of your face, the type of your body, and your height. Buy pendants with earrings online for women and girls from the SIA Jewellery website.


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